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The Happiness APP

The Friendship APP. Maximizing people's happiness.
Explore what to do with the PEP experience.

Who is PEP?

Your Personal AI Lifestyle And Relationship Coach
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Personal Coach

Meet Coachbot PEP

She is your 24x7 coach within Whosup’s community. Members of a good community care for each other. PEP will support you in finding more things you like to do and in creating new authentic (off-line) connections. She is also able to entertain you while you wait for your real activity.

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Artificial intelligence

AI coach

PEP was developed on top of IBM Watson. The more you interact with her and participate in Whosup’s affinity groups, the better she will understand your interests and personality with privacy. PEP will then be able to notify you of great activities around or when you are travelling.

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Compatibility Index (%)

Need companion?

You may be in a new venue or city, or even may need a companion (group or individual) for certain activities. PEP is able to show your compatibility index with groups or individuals, which increases the odds of a fun activity and meeting new great real friends.

PEP. Happiness is a journey, built with real and authentic relationships.

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Social media may increase social isolation
Social connections are good for us. It's the quality of your close relationships that matters. PEP will help you do more things you enjoy. She can also support you in finding who to go with (either individuals or a group).
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Making authentic friends
PEP can complete and improve your profile, and recommend you to individuals or groups. PEP can also discuss relationship issues.
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Whosup will never use your personal information, or conversations between you and PEP, to offer things you haven’t requested, nor will we ever sell your personal information.
Announce a great new feature

Radar. know who's near you in office, shows, seminars, events, restaurants, parks, etc.

You can check people's profiles in a complete new way. The radar displays people based on their temperament (dominant, influential, steady or conscientious) and their compatibility index, based on interests and personality.

Whosup Radar

Intuitive and easy to use interface

• Check people's profiles based on temperament and distance;

• Members are positioned in specific quadrants based on their temperament;

• Compatibility index is shown considering your interests and personality.

Fun activities

Varied activities based on your personality and interests. An offline world full of opportunities to meet people and have fun.

New friendships

Our goal is to create lasting friendships in the real world. Find people around you to do activities and create new lasting friendships.

New lifestyle

Why trap yourself in an unreal world? The offline world is much more fun and can offer you a superior quality of life. Our APP has numerous features for you to integrate into the real world.


“Our goal is to create lasting friendships in the real world.”

Whosup is a virtual community dedicated to the purpose of maximizing happiness in its members and creating real offline friendships.

Rodolfo Zabisky
CEO & Founder

Less online, more offline.

Check out some more features that our APP has to offer. Leave loneliness aside and be happy in a world of possibilities.
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What to do?

Whosup will take you to the offline world with endless activities based on your interests.

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Who to go with?

Create true friendships with Whosup's advanced algorithm, where you'll meet people who are compatible with your profile and perform real-world activities.

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Affinity Groups

Discussion affinity groups, offline activity schedules, true social connections, and lots of fun.

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Live Chat

Interact with other users in an activity or group for an offline experience.

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Personality Insight

Gain insight into how and why people think, act, and feel the way they do. This service applies linguistic analytics and personality theory.

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Virtual currency that allows numerous transactions, from acquiring a new plan, to paying restaurants, bars and other activities.

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